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Fit young man whipped with a belt

Posted in corporal punishment, twinks, whipping on January 10th, 2014 by admin

Here’s a quick set that I hope gets your motor running on a Monday morning. The wonderfully sick bastards at Boy Fetish Central called this lad in for an interview and promptly roped him down to the conference table and took their time groping his ass and punishing his firm, muscular backside. I would love to be the one grabbing a handful of this Czech twink’s meaty ass, pulling apart the cheeks and inspecting the hole. But alas, I am not and I will have to be content with watching this sweet lad getting whipped across the ass with a riveted leather belt. It’s hypnotizing. Click here to see the full HD video of this sweet young twink getting hard corporal punishment with a leather belt.

fit young man whipped with a belt

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Slaves flogged and abused at

Posted in caning, extreme, whipping on January 8th, 2014 by admin

Here’s a new great shoot from BoundGods featuring lots of outstanding flogging and caning. This was featured as a live shoot, and so I thought I would treat myself to the live show; the premise was simple: which sub was stronger? Jason Miller and muscleman Chad Rock were put through this kinky endurance test by Van Darkholme and Christian Wilde, and the doms relied heavily on roughing up their slaves with heavy leather floggers, and Christian uses a cane to keep Chad’s ass red hot while he fucks him. The punishment reaches its apex when Van gets a flogger in each hand and delivers a hellacious lashing to his slaves — Love Van or hate him, but when he’s got a whip in his hand, you have to respect him! Enter here to see Chad and Jason’s excruciating punishment video

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Enter here to see Van Darkholme’s flogger fest!

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Fresh Meat brutally whipped and punished

Posted in caning, corporal punishment, whipping on December 31st, 2013 by admin

Fresh Meat slave Cameron Adams is on the menu for insatiable Spencer Reed at BoundGods…Spencer loves using the whip to abuse his slaves, and his lashes Cameron mercilessly while the n00b is helplessly tied at the wrists and ankles. Spencer’s imagination for punishment, both physical and mental is unbelievable, and we are lucky to see this creative punishment genius at work. After torturing Cameron’s cock, Spencer uses his bamboo cane to mark up his slave’s ass very nicely. No mercy — just a burning hot ass that Spencer takes a lot of satisfaction in fucking to the hilt with his pulsating cock. A very stunning trailer — enter here to download the full video in hi def!

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Enter here to see Cameron’s entire unbelievable punishment ordeal in hi def.

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Bare Ass Punishment closeups

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme on December 15th, 2013 by admin

Here’s a short, intense burst of bare ass punishment…a fit toned lad, stripped naked and bent over the arm of a sofa, and punished with a succession of more horrifying lashes from a paddle, belt and finally from a birch. There’s no masking the pain, no cushioning the blow. Its anger, its sadism, its glee in administering discipline. The lad can hardly keep his feet under him. The smack of the leather on the flesh reverberates through the clip. Its pain and punishment in it’s purest expression.

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aggressive male-male spanking

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unbearable BDSM whipping

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on December 7th, 2013 by admin

I’m not sure how many of you reading this blog are into really extreme shit, maybe this clip will be some kind of litmus test. This clip was sent to me by an extreme BDSM porn site……maybe a lot of you have already seen it and are into their shit. Anyway, this clip features really brutal and graphic slave training, and lots and lots of intense whipping punishment. It really set my teeth on edge…what about you? Too much for you? Or is this even pushing into “extreme” for you? Discuss in the comments, and if this is really your thing, enter here to see the full length, nothing-held-back slave training video at

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unbearable gay BDSM whipping

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Twink-on-Twink whip lashing

Posted in twinks, whipping on October 28th, 2013 by admin

I know I went on and on again the other day about twink on twink spanking, and how it’s mostly a little twee and cutesie…and then there’s the other side, when it’s more than a little awkward and (seemingly) halfhearted. We’ve see Ton in spanking videos both as the spanked and the punisher. I certainly prefer it when he is on the receiving end of the whip, and here he is again swinging the whip like a bit of a wet noodle. So what instruction would you give this lad to improve his technique? I for one would suggest he leave that tacky whip at home and use something shorter and easier to control like a paddle or even a good wooden spoon. He needs to get closer to his boy…in scenes where twinks are spanking twinks, I always like a lot of close contact, almost as if they are hugging while the spanking twink reaches behind and spanks the other’s bare ass. Oh well, perhaps Ton will read this blog and take the suggestions to heart. Add your comments below. And click here to see the complete video of twink-on-twink whipping play inside.

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twink-on-twink whip lashing

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