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Ridiculously hot twink ass spanking

Posted in corporal punishment, twinks on August 29th, 2013 by admin

Who here prefers their spanking videos on the naughty, sexy side, or on the shame and punishment side. 99% of the time I fall for the latter, but there are some dudes that irresistibly draw me to the former. I featured Kyler Moss about two weeks ago in a self spanking video that really took me by surprise. This kind of pretty boy is never who you see in spanking videos. Yet there he was, swinging that whip and paddle against his own bare flesh without hesitation and genuinely getting off on it. It was incredibly sexy and hot, and not at all what I usually go for. So I dug some more and found more clips of bright twink star Kyler getting his gorgeous bottom spanked with a leather paddle. It seems his BF can’t resist that perfectly round bubble butt, and really cracks that leather hard against his flesh. No discipline, no shame, just two twinks getting off on playing out their gay spanking fantasy in the bedroom. Click here to see longer videos of Kyler Moss shackled and restrained and loving his corporal punishment.

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ridiculously hot twink ass spanking

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Delicious Brothers bare ass spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks on August 23rd, 2013 by admin

Paul Pratt is having brother troubles. His snotty punk brother Leo won’t stay out of his things and now its time for discipline and punishment. Leo must learn his lesson the most painful way possible! Paul yanks down Leo’s jeans, revealing his naughty, fun underpants, and then pulls them to the side and spreads little bro’s cheeks, revealing his angelic asshole. It’s fucking delightful. Paul will not fall under the spell of the cherubic hole, and he proceeds to smack that ass with his open hand and in short order, Leo is yelping with pain and frustration. Paul also manages to have a riding crop with him for hore punishment, applied directly to that beautiful asshole. That really stings Leo and he’s fighting for freedom. God-like Paul is too strong, he wrestles, Leo down and in no time at all, they’re both naked and ard, and Paul lets Leo suck him off while he’s getting spanked to win some mercy. Predictably, it doesn’t happen. Enter here to see more video of this magnificent brother duo sucking, spanking, punishing and fucking at Helix Studios.

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Enter here to see more hot spanking and punishment video featuring Leo and Paul!

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British college jock gets disciplined with a stern OTK bare-bum spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment on August 21st, 2013 by admin

I hope you enjoy this sweet spanking trailer featuring Patrick, a ruggedly handsome young man who has gotten in hot water with the school administrator for playing cricket near the school chapel and breaking a window. In addition for chores and compensation, Patrick faces traditional corporal punishment to learn a proper lesson about obeying the school rules. The nearly 20 year old college student humbly bends over the knee of the chancellor and grits his teeth in anticipation of the bare hand spanking. The chancellor start swift swift blows to Patrick’s backside over his pants and then soon instructs the lad to strip to his tighty-whiteys (which look heavenly stretched tight across his athletic buttocks and thighs :) ). The spanking continues over Patrick’s underwaer, and he grimaces with pain and frustration. The punishment is far from over, as the chancellor asks Patrick to strip bare. The British jock’s skin is already a rosey hue, and a series of spanks across his bare buttocks turn his muscular behind into a glowing red orb. Click here to keep watching the full length British corporal punishment video.

british college jock gets disciplined with a stern OTK bare-bum spanking

Enter here to see more authentic Male/male British spanking videos

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Beefy Bully gets his ass spanked with leather belt

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme on August 17th, 2013 by admin

Matt is a big pain in the neck for the headmaster at his school and his father, and after getting caught bullying a couple of classmates, the headmaster has finally had enough of the young beefy bully and decides that heavy corporal is the only remedy. Initially Matt laughs when the headmaster strips off his pants and underwear and starts to spank him, but the laughs quickly give way to angry cries of pain when the headmaster switches to the heavy leather belt. Matt receives a serious licking consisting of rapid fire, explosive lashes from the belt that leave him crying in pain and welted, bruised and throbbing. Please enter to see school-boy discipline videos

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beefy bully gets his ass brutally lashed

Click here to see amazing father-son spanking and punishment

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Nick Moretti Shows prowess with the whip

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, whipping on August 13th, 2013 by admin

This week’s Bound Gods update gives us a taste of Nick Moretti, which is always exciting, and a newcomer, and a very hairy lad at that, Colton. The scenario unfolds pretty conventionally: Nick is the stepdad that find’s his stepson’s porn stash (bondage porn at that) and then teaches him a lesson by showing him what pain, punishment and sex are REALLY like! What a naughty parenting decision! The trailer even features Nick starting off with some good ol’ OTK spanking like its one of those BS English Schoolgirls videos. After giving Colton a bare ass smack, Nich breaks out the whip and the riding crop and truly begins punishing him. As usual, Bound Gods also gives us plent of yummy bondage and hot penetration, but Nick really brings home the corporal punishment pain with his great work with the flogger. See Nick Moretti handing out a painful punishment lesson here.

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Enter here to see the full length punishment test in Hi Def.

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Private school Bad Boy spanked OTK and paddled

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment on August 3rd, 2013 by admin

Here’s another video highlighting classic British private school corporal punishment. It features John, and upperclassman who is clearly going down the wrong path in life. He is brought before the headmaster in handcuffs for being truant, and the headmaster takes the fit young man over his knee for a bare hand spanking. John’s muscular buttocks are practically bulging through his uniform shorts and his muscular thighs look as though they were made to caned. The headmaster soundly spanks John’s ass, first over the shorts, then over his tight, tiny briefs and then on his naked ass. While John is recovering from the bare hand spanking, the headmaster receives a call that a security camera caught John shoplifting off campus. Now thoroughly perturbed, the frazzled disciplinarian wastes no time in punishing John with a heavy wooden paddle. The trailer teases the paddling, but the full schoolboy paddling sequence is available in the member’s area of

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private school bad boy spanked OTK and paddled

Enter here to see more schoolboy corporal punishment videos

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