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Fresh Twink Casper gets his ass spanked

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks on March 10th, 2014 by admin

Here’s a great classical spanking discipline clip from featuring Casper Benz as an alter boy trying to reform in the church of father Wood. The good Father takes the boy’s reform seriously and makes sure the lad is serious about repentance. Father Wood bends the lad over the knee and gives him several strong slaps across the buttocks to show Casper the seriousness of the situation. Casper is ordered to disrope, and father Wood really lays down a painful gay spanking on his ass. Redemption is not cheap, it must be paid for with pain! Enter here to view more video of Casper’s painful redemption!

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Straight kickboxer lad takes a sound spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks on March 8th, 2014 by admin

Praise to the skies, it’s a mid-summer’s miracle! After a few months out of contact, I have finally received a fresh new gay spanking video from mystery man “A” of infamy. He has taken his camera back to London and is now prowling around the rentboy bars in search of fine British lads in need of hard corporal punishment. One such lad is Roland, a nineteen year old straight lad used to living a wild life in the streets. His girlfriend doesn’t know how he makes extra cash, but he was willing to do his first spanking video with the suave and mysterious “A”. Roland has beautiful coffee coloured skin and is apparently an accomplished kickboxing trainee, so “A” was careful to keep him in a situation where the young male slave couldn’t erupt and turn the tables. The spanking begins, and Roland tries to play tough-guy, but the groans give way to small whimpers and plaintive protests. His dark skin hides the red sting on the spanking but by the end of his corporal punishment, the pinkish hues of his spanking are very visible. After his punishment, Roland is so turned on and horny he jerks off his hard cock and spews a bucketful of cum all over his chest. Click here to watch the latest full update from!

straight kickboxer takes a sound spanking

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Street lad Spence shaved smooth and spanked hard!

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks on March 6th, 2014 by admin

Spence is a tough lad who has been living the hard life on and off the streets in the capital of Romania for years. Anonymous kinkster “A” happened to meet in him in Bucharest’s central train station where he was shining shoes. One look at Spence is proof that this tough lad craved adventure, danger, risk and sex, not demeaning labour. “A” invited the lad back to his hotel for some fun and games and Spence quickly agreed, and soon found himself being filmed in the shower, showing off his sculpted torso and muscular legs. “A” was ready to tame this hellion, but first he wanted his ass looking a bit more presentable. Spence was a bit shocked as his furry ass was shaved smooth and clean, and it introduced and extra sting as “A” gave the lad a serious OTK spanking. Click here to see amateur street lad Spence getting his sculpted butt shaved smooth and spanked for the first time!

Street lad Spence learns a painful discipline lesson OTK

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Paul Pratt (literally) strikes again! Bare hand twink spanking!

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks on March 2nd, 2014 by admin

Nathan fails his math test, so Paul is enlisted to teach him a thing or two about numbers, counting each hard slap to the ass until Nathan’s boy butt is almost blue. Trouble is with each spank, Nathan becomes more and more turned on and looses count. Dominant muscle stud Paul then forces Nathan to suck his cock just the way he likes it. Nathan takes more abuse to his burning boy cheeks in the form of swats with a belt on his already raw flesh. The burn must be excruciating, but the horny twink is a trooper. Paul is especially merciless with this particular little bubble butt. Paul breaks from the ass abuse momentarily to tongue the poor boy’s hole, preparing it for an incredibly hard fuck, the kind only naughty boys deserve. In true SpankThis fashion, Nathan gets his red and burning butt slammed by the brut disciplinarian and is left with his butt burning red, and a face full of cum. Enter here to see more video of meek twink Nathan getting his ass painfully spanked and roughly fucked by aggressive top Paul Pratt!

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Dominant Paul Pratt loves dishing out punishment on submissive twinks

Enter here to see more hot spanking and punishment video featuring Nathan and Paul!

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Straight Dude loves getting his ass spanked

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment on February 28th, 2014 by admin

This dude is Mike, apparently a loving husband and a new father, who has a serious freaky side and loves getting spanked like a misbehaving schoolboy. His wife is done with indulging his kinky side, and like any good husband with a wife recovering from giving birth, he’s out getting his needs fulfilled on the side. Except he’s seeing Rich, an older dude with a sadistic streak who loves punishing straight dudes. It’s a match made in heaven! Mike shows up at Rich’s place and lets the older man pull down his jeans and bend him over his lap, and Rich starts giving Mike the rhythmic smacks across his buttocks and upper thighs. Mike doesn’t object when Rich slides down his underwear and starts spanking him on his naked flesh. Wait until Mike’s wife sees this video…I’m sure he’ll taste some real punishment then! Click here to watch the full video of straight Mike’s first taste of gay spanking.

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straight man loves getting old school otk spanking

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Twink punished with Paddle and hot leather strap

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks on February 26th, 2014 by admin

Chris Riverz is quite the blossoming little stud, and with his developing body a cocky attitude has also been developing as well. He’s been ignoring his homework and cutting classes and his mentor Jeff Stern will simply not tolerate this insolent behaviour. He’s seen dozens of boys come through his doors over the years, all of them think they are hot shit, and they all leave humbled and a little fearful of their wily disciplinarian. Stern corners Riverz in the lounge and confronts him about his truancy and his slipping grades, and Chris tries to blow him off. No dice. Jeff Stern bends him over the sofa and starts smacking his ass with a wooden paddle, promising more extreme punishment to come. Chris gets the wooden paddle over his jeans, and then Stern strips him naked and spanks him with his bare hand, leaving hand prints on his smooth, fleshy ass. Then Jeff unveils his favourite toy, a leather spanker, and he delivers a hot, stinging lashing to poor Chris’s throbbing bum. Enter here to see the full HD version of Chris’s corporal punishment video exclusively.

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hot muscle pup Chris Riverz gets a wicked paddling

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