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Young Straight dude screams and cries after crop and caning punishment

Posted in caning, corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on July 23rd, 2012 by admin

If you are looking for something thrilling to sneak a peek at at your office this morning, I suggest you turn the volume down to low on this one… has dug up another burgeoning talent, Casper, who’s sad story is so familiar: He’s straight, broke, and so desperate for cash he’s willing to make a gay spanking video just to pay the rent. So he is paired up with smooth black daddy Chic, who is no nonsense about punishing these skinny little white boys. After getting his naked ass warmed up in part one, Chic bends Casper over a stool and ropes his wrists down to the legs. Good thing he did too, because if Casper could have run out the door during this session, I’m sure he would have. Chic teases Casper with a riding crop, but it gets his attention, and he’s wincing with every blow. Then he moves up to a thin switch and Casper’s agony grows. He’s huffing and puffing and trying to free his arms to defend himself. Chic must not play using safewords. Finally, he starts the serious punishment with a cane, lashing Casper’s ass and striping him up in the most beautiful fashion. Casper is almost wheezing because of the pain in anxiety, but somewhere off camera, someone is holding a $100 bill and telling him to ride it out. Click here to keep watching Casper’s excruciating Male/male corporal punishment video.

young dude screams and cries during his caning punishment

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Dirk Caber flogs his star pupil

Posted in corporal punishment, whipping on April 26th, 2012 by admin

It’s great to have another great flogging video featuring buff daddy Dirk Caber swinging the whip. Just the site of his muscular body and throbbing cock juxtaposed against his helpless young athletic pupil really arouses me. Dirk and his star quarterback protege Blake Goodwin are alone in the school lockerroom and the horny daddy can’t control his urges. He ropes the young man, blindfolds him and even locks his cock in a chastity cuff while lashing his taut, athletic body with a leather flogger. Dirk taunts and growls in Blake’s ear with his sexy voice, striking fear in the helpless young man. Dirk flogs Blake’s ass mercilessly, and works his back and abdomen as well. Soon, Blake’s flawless flesh is soon covered with welts and new bruises, and Dirk seeks more opportunities to satisfy his kinky appetites. Click here to see the complete locker room corporal punishment video featuring super daddy Dirk Caber.

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dirk caber flogs his star pupil

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Heavy Male/male Corporal Punishment

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on April 9th, 2012 by admin

If you are one of the lucky blokes out their with Easter Monday off and some time to kill, please enjoy this contribution, featuring quintessential hetero dude Fraser suffering greatly at the hands of Straight Hell’s Adrian and Dave. The two gay sadists have hoodwinked Fraser, promising him a job, but have led him to one of their soundproof punishment dungeons, and are enjoying the pleasures of his flesh. Fraser is roped into a standing spread-eagle position and Dave unleashes his fury on his juicy buttocks and back while Adrian obsesses over his cock and balls. Fraser cries out and tries to break free of his rope restraints during Dave’s incredible lashing, but the ropes hold fast and suffering is his only option. Adrian puts a tight knot around his balls and start furiously jacking Fraser’s cock, getting him hard and aroused despite the pain of the flogging, and even getting the straight man to shoot a wad of cum. The degenerates finally walk away to hatch another plan, leaving Fraser to twist in the wind. Click here to watch the entire heavy corporal punishment video.

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heavy corporal punishment

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Such a beautiful twink ass mercilessly spanked

Posted in corporal punishment, twinks, whipping on March 31st, 2012 by admin

So this video clip was too good to keep under wraps until next week or even tomorrow, I wanted to share it with you right away. I hope you haven’t seen it yet, because the twink in this video has an ass and thighs TO DIE FOR! Sadly the clip does not show his face, but I am imagining a toned, Eastern European lad about 19, maybe 5’10″ and 140 lbs with medium brown hair, smooth, tanned skin and deep, soulful brown eyes. I don’t need to fantasize about his ass, however, because the flesh is there for my eyes to feast on, laid out on a table (secured in place with tape, no less). The offscreen disciplinarian has his asscheeks glowing red after smacking that perfectly sculpted ass with a ruler, a leather belt and a multi-tail flogger. The twink lad moans and writhes with the pain, trying to struggle free. But there’s no escape, and the pain administrator makes sure the lad knows it, grabbing a chunk of his fleshy ass and feeling the heat. Click here to finish watching this hot hot hot twink spanking video!

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luscious twink buttocks get painfully lashed and spanked

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Bound twink gets his ass whipped with a belt

Posted in corporal punishment, twinks, whipping on January 23rd, 2012 by admin

I have found another video of sexy Czech twink Ton in which he gets sexy with his playmate and lo and behold, it appears that Ton actually spanks another human being with a measure of confidence and competence! I have complained on this blog before that when the task of spanking is left up to Ton, he appears half-hearted and limp wristed, like delivering a spanking to a young twink’s ass was a soul-crushing task. But he appears to have finally discovered joy in the task and in this video is whipping his twink boyfriend with gusto and aplomb! Using a leather belt, Ton spanks his rope-bound companion across the buttocks and thighs, turning them into glowing red orbs before our very eyes. Click here to watch the complete video of Ton’s great leap forward in full HD.

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rope bound twink gets his ass whipped with a belt

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18 yo jock gets a blistering punishment in the dungeon

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on December 12th, 2011 by admin

Watching a young bondage virgin getting his cherry broken isn’t something that happens everyday — it’s like a little gift we get when a new punishment pig pops into the world. Cody Allen is an 18 year old, right off the farm and he is dying to worship and feel the punishment of Master Avery at the Bound Gods Dungeon. After getting a look at his massive dick and firm ass, the powers that be decreed him fit for punishment and invited him to feel the wrath of the resident Leather Daddy. Avery sized up the raw youngster and his long, proud dick and surmised that old school flogging punishment would test to see if the fresh meat was truly worthy of his effort. Posing the lad on his knees and suspending weight after weight on his balls (until it literally looked like grapes of wrath) Avery lashed Cody across his ass, thighs and stomach until he’s red and starting to show welts. Click here to see this full length video of this punishment master at work whipping the shine off this slave boy.

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18 yo jock gets a blistering punishment in the dungeon

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