Relentless, painful bare ass spanking!

Time to get ready for the weekend! I wanted to share this video to keep your energy up and pumping…It features always intense Jeff Stearn laying some pain and punishment on delicious twink sweetheart Dustin Reeves. Stearn gets his pants off and spanks the lad over his underwear OTK, and then puls down his shorts revealing a gorgeous little puckered asshole, hairless, and clean. Stearn fingers it and spanks it, making Dustin scream and try to wriggle away. Stearn begins to wear out the lad, using paddles and strap; its an incredibly hot display to see a man work at what he does best. Click here to see the full, intense twink OTK spanking punishment.

twink gets a painful, relentless spanking

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Schoolboy whets his appetite for Discipline

Michael is part of the track team at his British boarding school, and has been slacking off during the training for the annual marathon. The coach has consulted with the headmaster and asked for help disciplining the lad and correcting his behaviour. Michael is also the son of the headmaster, so there will be a personal component to the punishment. This video is entitled “Glutton For Punishment,” but nothing I saw in the preview would connote anything of that intensity. Michael gets a very perfunctory OTK spanking from the headmaster, first over his shorts, then his underwear, and then on the bare bum. Then the headmaster uses a wooden paddle on Michael with the passion of a metronome while Michael bends over a chair with his shorts on. Perhaps they are reserving the fireworks for part 2 when Michael and his dad get home and Michael receives another spanking for embarrassing his dad at work? Who knows? If this clip is supposed to be for a “Glutton for Punishment,” I feel as if I’ve just had a few crumbs of an appetizer. Agree or Disagree? Click here to visit CP4Men and watch the full video and share with the rest of us if Michael finds an appetite for anything beyond staring blankly into space.


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Jockstrap Teen gets a playful spanking

American twink Ian Levine has spent the day being super lazy, even blowing off meeting his first semester fuckbuddy Andy Taylor, much to Andy’s resentment. After waiting around for an hour at their usual meeting spot, Andy drives over to Ian’s looking for some answers, some payback, and some dick-sucking, not necessarily in that order. Ian is still lounging in bed when Andy arrives, and his chill attitude rankles Andy even more. Andy bends Ian over his knee and pulls down his track shorts, revealing the cutest little jock strap ever on the twink lad. Andy starts spanking his boyfriend, but not too roughly, because he can’t stay mad at this fun-size twink. Ian takes the spanking well, asking for more, but he really wants Andy’s big cock inside of him. Not the most severe spanking video ever, but if you’re in the mood for twinks getting sexy with a side of discipline, this scene will hit the spot nicely at Helix Studios.


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Burly Bear gets a Vicious lashing

If you are like me, every once in a while you need a break from nothing but twinks and young muscle pups getting their smooth, baby fresh asses politely spanked. I have an itch for the extreme, for the borderline sadistic and cruel that I need to satisfy. That’s why I love turning to videos from Straight Hell. It may be staged, but fuck it, their unbridled aggression and appetite for pain satisfies my nastiest fantasies. In this video, they have roped up a burly rugby player named Sebastian, and beneath his mat of fur, he’s actually quite svelte and muscular. It’s no surprise Dave takes a fancy to him and deems him worthy of tough corporal punishment. Dave administers a cruel lashing to Sebastian’s naked, helpless ass with a leather strap while hanging a bowling ball from his scrotum. Adrian, meanwhile, sneaks in and does his best to increase the intensity with a hard dildo fucking. I love that these dudes have no fucking limits and that their subs have a bottomless capacity for punishment. Click here to watch the complete video of Sebastian suffering the cruel corporal punishment of

burly bear gets a vicious lashing

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Tight Young Jock gets Flogged without Mercy!

Aron Ros is a gorgeous young bodybuilder from the Czech Republic earning some cash making videos for horny guys. He’s told he needs to put on the mesh jock strap and proceed with a normal workout, and in his mind he thinks he’s pulling the easiest scam in the world. Who wouldn’t want to get paid for something you normally do every day? He starts by stretching and skipping rope, and the camera gets some very good angles of his meaty cock and balls jumping around. Then he hits the weights but his fellow model Robin Valej interrupts him and starts criticizing Aron’s form. Aron, thinking this is part of the script, follows Robin’s instructions, and when the muscular young man is vulnerable, lean and slender Robing overpowers him, ropes his arms and stuffs a gag in his mouth. Robin starts whipping Aron with a flogger across his beautiful chest and thick thighs. After being humbled and weakened, Aron is untied and bent over, and Robin fixates on spanking his ass (big, firm and muscular!). Robin mixes in some forced calisthenics for Aron while flogging his back, and finally Aron is instructed to get his cock hard and jerk out a thick load as a sign of appreciation for all of Robin’s hard work. Click here to watch the full length gay spanking and kinky workout punishment video at!


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