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Nothing but painful belt punishment!

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme on July 28th, 2014 by admin

Here’s a great compilation vid of nothing but hot young British lads getting their asses beaten and spanked with thick, scary leather belts. Watch them flinch, wince and cry as the leather belt smack into their soft flesh and raise welts and create bruises. Their cold masters don’t ease up a bit as their cries get more pitiful and plaintive; the lashings only intensify with every protest. It’s a little taste, ther are more belt lashing videos available exclusively at! Enter here to see the full videos from British Boys Fetish Club and browse the fetish DVD collection!

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closeups of painful belted boy bottoms

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Naked muscle pup gets a painful OTK spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment on July 26th, 2014 by admin

This clip features another sweet newcomer, Billy, an English lag who has been building his physique and showing off impressive musculature. He is however, submissive to the core, and once he’s ordered to strip naked and lie on the bed, he meekly complies and the fun begins. He’s spanked with a bare hand, his round buttocks trembling and tensing up with every strike of hand on flesh. His ass cheeks turn a fun shade of red, and he tries to bury his head in the sheets to hide from the pain and the humiliation of being on camera. He thinks he’s getting a break when the punishment subsides, but it’s just his punisher whipping out his cock and jerking off a big, messy load all over Billy’s ass. Enter here to see Billy’s full length gay spanking punishment video debut.

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naked muscle pup gets a painful OTK spanking

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Hardcore Prison Whipping

Posted in corporal punishment, whipping on July 24th, 2014 by admin

I hope you loyal readers haven’t been too lonely without me for the last few days. But I return bearing gifts in the form of an incredibly intense flogging scene from Dominant super stud Spencer Reed is playing the role of prison guard, punishing one on the inmates on his cellblock. Spencer, looking utterly menacing and oozing macho sex appeal has a hard on for Jessie, who has earned parole and is about to be released. Spencer senses that his crush on the inmate might go unfulfilled if he doesn’t act soon. So on Jessie’s last night in lockup, Spencer’s shadow crosses his doorway, and the unlucky inmate gets trussed up in leather belts and whipped mercilessly with a leather flogger. Jessie’s screams go unanswered, and Spencer stalks around him in a circle, punishing his back, buttocks, chest and stomach with hellish whip lashes. Enter here to see Spencer’s painful whipping punishment video for his prison loverboy.

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gay prison whipping

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Tattooed young punk gets a hard lashing with a leather belt

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks, whipping on July 22nd, 2014 by admin

Ageless (or should that be deathless?) Jeff Stern has scheduled another corporal training session with eager slave boy Nicholas Leoni. He’s a scruffy young American lad, with cheap looking tattoos up and down his arms, the kind you get in the back of a gas station at 3am when you’re drunk and there’s a better than 50/50 chance you’re walking away with a spelling mistake or hepatitis. He’s also got a septum piercing, but overall his look is reminiscent of a homeless man’s James Roday…but I digress. Jeff is eager to continue Nicholas’s training, warming him up with a bare hand before lashing his tender buttocks with a leather belt. Nicholas gnashes his teeth and cries in protest, but he’s obedient and submissive and he wants to please Jeff Stern and earn his reward. Jeff obsesses over Nicholas’s pink asshole, groping his ass cheeks and spanking the pucker sharply with his index and middle fingers. Click here to get deep inside this strange slave/master spanking relationship and watch the full length twink spanking videos.

Tattooed young punk gets a hard lashing with a leather belt

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Street thug punished for past sins

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment on July 20th, 2014 by admin

Jack is a street tough and the latest lad spanked at the new amateur male-male site “Spanking Boys”. I did something of a double take when I saw his bubble butt, and the spanking action in the video clip is certainly not staged and nothing is held back. Jack is a legit tough street thug, akin to a chav lad, according to the author of the site, and his body shows scars from previous fights and altercations. The 18 year old thug wanted to get spanked to atone for his past wrongdoing…the author didn’t care, he was rock hard as soon as the lad’s trousers came off and he wanted to punish every inch of sexy flesh on that boy. I have to say, I’m totally impressed by the quality of this clip: it’s intense, Jack is really taking his punishment well even though he is obviously feeling the pain. Check out the full video of Jack getting bare hand spanked and paddled hard.

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bubble butt beautiful boy takes a beating

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Heart-to-Heart Daddy Discipline

Posted in bare hand spanking, twinks on July 18th, 2014 by admin

I couldn’t keep running from Jeff Stern forever, and like meeting up with your unpleasant relatives at Christmas, we also must embrace the spirit of the holidays and invite Jeff into our homes via the internet for our Christmas Spanking celebrations. On the plus side, he comes bearing gifts, namely pouty twink sweetheart Blake Carnage. I don’t know what Jeff’s relationship is with all of these boys, whether he runs some kind of halfway house for runaways, or if he’s some kind of dormitory supervisor, but in general, he’s in charge of looking after a large number of misbehaving 18-21 year old twinks. Blake returns home after curfew one night, and Jeff awaits him with an admonishment that seems not to have any effect on the 19 year old. If words won’t work, then old fashioned corporal punishment will, and Jeff hauls Blake over his knee, pulls down his pants and gives him a loud and clear message with his bare hand. Blake receives a hot OTK spanking that leaves his ass red and throbbing, and he finally gets the message about being on time for curfew. Click here to watch the complete video of Blake getting spanked, paddled and lashed inside!

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twink lad Blake Carnage gets a bare hand corporal punishment

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