Sweet Twink Ton spanked and probed

Here’s a great clip of Czech twink Ton getting tied and spanked by his Daddy. Ton’s new website TonOnline.com features this unbelievably hot twink getting nasty in many different fetish scenes, including spanking. Ton really loves punishment and pain play, and he gets a hard spanking across his perfect ass to stimulate his pain reactions. He moans, but he wants it harder. Ton’s Daddy works his cock throughout the session, wanking him, and probing his hole with his fingers. Ton is sick, and you do not want to miss any of his spanking suffering. Enter here to see Ton’s entire spanking video in full plus his other fetish adventures.

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Closeup: Hung Lad’s Bare Buttock Lashed!

This is one of those times when a picture is worth 1000 words…a closeup of a fit young lad, naked. His cock is enormous and semi-erect. It’s twitching, and the lad is excited to be getting punished by a gruff older man. He loves letting the older guy look at him and lash him with a belt. The spanking doesn’t hurt him much, he’s having too much fun letting his punisher leer at his naked body and bobbing his cock up and down. The lashings get harder, but so does the lad’s cock. Nothing going to get him down. He’s young, hung and horny and he knows his youth is going to be what puts him on top. Click here to watch the full video (and multiple angles) of this thick-dicked teen lad getting spanked by a furious older guy at British Boys Fetish Club!




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18 year old gets his juicy ass spanked!

At the time of his modelling for Spanking-Boys, Jonny was an 18 year old street kid in Bratislava, spending his days and nights in the metro skateboarding and getting into trouble with his friends. It was clear though that he was taking good care of himself — he was clean shaven and had beautiful brown eyes. Adventurous Mr. “A” had tried to hook up with him months earlier but the date was scuttled by his unruly friends. Now together again and alone, Mr. A asks Jonny the simple question, “Business?” — shorthand for sex for money. Jonny agreed and they went back to Mr. A’s rented flat and Jonny took a shower while Mr. A filmed him. Jonny has that great, sleek physique of an 18 year old who is constantly moving and active: slender but toned muscles; small on the top but very well defined abs. And like all the boys Mr. A likes, he’s got a juicy uncut cock with a mess of furry pubes. Mr. A cups his fleshy ass and puts him through his paces: bare hand against wall, over the knee and across the bed. Great camera angles capture Jonny’s ass bouncing and his cheeks getting redder and redder. He’s trying to be brave, but even life on the street isn’t as painful as a hard bare ass spanking. Finally Mr. A takes a break and asks Jonny to stroke his cock for the camera. After all of the spanking Jonny is very aroused and his erection springs to life; he cums in his hand and licks the thick semen up with his sexy tongue. Click here to watch 18 year old Jonny’s first gay spanking video at Spanking-Boys.com!


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Angel faced lad receives a horrible paddling punishment

Angel faced Ben has been waiting months to audition for Tropixxx when he finally got the call…if he wanted his shot, he would have to let the whole stable of Tropixxx models line up and give him their best licks with a paddle. Ben had been aching for a chance to try out for his favourite boy spanking site and without hesitation he said yes. True to their word, Tropixxx had half a dozen other models show up, strip away Ben’s clothes and then proceeded to paddle his backside so hard it quickly became a bruised, mottled and swollen mess. Ben gamely counted the spanks and asked for more while his ass went from pink to red to purple, much to the delight of his tormentors and to the horror of the next lad in line to audition. Even if you don’t like the really hard stuff, click here to watch this baby-faced lad receiving a hell of a paddling.




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Fun Caning Game to Play at Home!

Up and coming British gay porn star Ross Drake booked a gig with BreederFuckers.com and thought he was prepared to take some punishment and pain, but was reassured because he was going to be working with seasoned professionals Dave and Adrian. Instead, he’s gagged and roped to a mattress and Adrian and Dave start laying out the rules for a game they are about to play with him. It’s called naughts and crosses, explains Dave, meaning X’s and O’s for us American
dunderpates, and they are going to use a cane to mark out the familiar gameboard (literally #caning!) and then have a few games. Although I have no idea how they are making the Os, Dave and Adrian pass the cane back and forth and use the cane to make bright red X’s all over Ross’s tender buttocks. He’s thrashing and screaming throughout his ordeal, but Adrian and Dave merely scoff and continue, and implore Ross to show some dignity and professionalism. Ha Ha. Click here to watch the entire gay coning game and Ross’s subsequent punishment at BreederFuckers.com


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