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Romeo returns to and Richard really gives it to him hard and without any kind of tenderness. He pulls Romeo over his knee and spanks him hard with his bare hand until Romeo is sobbing and whining and trying to squirm away. Richard dials up the intensity, brandishing his trusty wooden bath brush and begins delivering sharp blows that have Romeo seeing stars. Richard orders him to stay still and Romeo tries to maintain discipline as long as he can, but he eventually starts trying to shield his bare bum from the hard blows from the hairbrush. Richard is getting very irritated with Romeo now and he stands the lad up and smacks the palms of his hands with the brush as punishment for interfering. Richard resumes Romeo’s spanking and finally the lad gets it right and allows Richard to conclude. The camera keeps rolling after the brutal corporal punishment is over, and Richard and Romeo share a tender moment of comfort as Romeo calms down. Click here to watch this incredibly intense and super hot gay hairbrush spanking from!





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Berlin Boys Dungeon Spanking, pt. 2

Here’s more video featuring sexy German troublemakers Kai and Ruben. The twosome have take the train to Berlin to get nasty in a flat they rented with an included BDSM dungeon. Kai suspends Ruben’s arms above his head, and then whips him with a flogger and brutally paddles his ass with a heavy leather strap. Ruben, who looks a bit like a young, goofy Peyton Manning, moans and grunts each time his fleshy ripe buttocks receive a lash from Kai. Kai, meanwhile, is so turned on by his new role as spanking top, has got his hard dick pulled out of his jeans, and he strokes his erection while using his other hand to wield the whip. These cute Berlin boys make an excellent spanking punishment video that is sure to get you hard. Click here to see their full corporal punishment experiment video.

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Berlin gay boys learn corporal punishment techniques

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Russian Lad punished with a leather belt

Here’s another all time classic CP video from British Boys Fetish Club, featuring a young Russian lad stripped naked and bent over a sofa and getting a hellacious belt spanking. The lashes are unending and merciless. The lad’s tight, muscular butt becomes red and throbbing and he’s balling his fists and clenching his teeth to keep from crying out. He won’t give his punisher the satisfaction of seeing him cry. Finally his ordeal is over and he limps away, battered and bruised but not broken. Click here to see the full length naked jock spanking video.

Russian Lad punished with a leather belt

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Another Extreme M/m CP clip

I’ve kinda kept this clip in my back pocket for the last few weeks, not sure if I should post it. It’s another rather extreme Corporal Punishment video from Straight Hell, and it features Jordan, a slim man with wild hair absorbing tremendous amounts of abuse from twisted sadists Dave and Adrian. Jordan is standing up, although his ankles and wrists are roped and pulled apart into a spread eagle position. He’s helpless as Dave unleashes furious lashes with a leather flogger across his back and abdomen. Jordan’s face is twisted into a grotesque mask of pain as he tries to endure the merciless punishment and to make matters worse, Adrian is fixated on his ass, impaling his tight hole on a massive dildo. Dave continues his relentless punishment, gut punching Jordan and dropping him to the floor while Adrian soaks him with water. What do you think of Jordan’s extreme flogging? Hot or Not? Click here to watch the full extreme M/m corporal punishment video

merciless M/m flogging

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Russian Lad gets a brutal spanking

This Russian rent boy is in for a huge fucking dose of punishment and discipline. Taken in from the cold streets, he thinks he’s got a place to get warm and make a few dollars with his young, muscular ass, but his daddy’s got a heart colder than a Moscow winter. Ordered to strip, the young rent boy leans over the arm of the sofa and receives the first of many punishments. Daddy lashes him with a belt over and over, until his ass cheeks are red and throbbing and there’s a catch in his voice as he struggles to hold back tears. Next, its OTK for the lad, where his daddy brutalizes him with a hairbrush, and he fights to get away. It’s no use, Daddy is too crafty, having spanked so many lads over the years, no one can escape him. He enjoys smacking away at this beautiful cherry red boy ass, making it glow and blister with his unrelenting precision strikes. Watch many more painful punishment videos at British Boys Fetish Club.

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