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Dominant twink bare-hand Spanks Submissive Teen

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Teenage miscreant Luke Allen is always taking liberties, like borrowing Blake Mitchell’s car without asking. This was Blake’s first big purchase since he started making it big on the twink porn scene, and Luke brings it home with a nasty dent in the grille. Luke makes a half-assed attempt to hide the dent, but Blake is all over him for taking the vehicle without asking. The dent sends Blake over the edge and he pushes Luke over the hood of the car and starts spanking his ass hard, promising Luke that his buttocks are going to be as red as his underwear! Luke is plaintive and wailing for mercy; Blake is having none of it and he continues the punishment long after Luke’s playfulness has given way to choked sobs and whiny yelps of pain. Click here to see the full video of Blake’s temper showing and Luke bearing the brunt of the bare-bum spanking!


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The lamest spanking video EVAR

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Here’s a “hazing” video from the archives of Haze Him…I know I’ve posted links from them before, their concept intrigues me, although I doubt any of the content is actually user submitted as they claim. This video has an enticing enough premise — 3 trembling young pledges, naked, blindfolded, surrounded by rowdy frat brothers in the middle of the night, getting an extreme dressing down from an upperclassman (who looks like he’s a 35 yo account rep for a sports marketing firm instead of a senior with a psych midterm next week, but I digress)…He heaps a ton of abuse on these scared snots, gets them bent over and tensed up and then…well you can see for yourself. Disgraceful. If you’ve been bad, punish yourself with this video.

Compliments of RocketTube

Frat Hazing at its lamest

More not hot non spanking action available at Haze Him (although I give them credit for selling the humiliation, just not the pain)

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Straight boy Axel gets spanked OTK with a hairbrush

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Reluctant Young Men makes another amazing discovery with Axel, a 28 year old straight dude — broke and desperate for money. He says he likes spanking during sex, but he’s never has been spanked by a man, much less spanked OTK. Richard is going to test his limits and he plans to use his slim wooden paddle and bath brush in addition to his bare hand to make Axel squirm and struggle in shame and pain. Axel starts in his underwear, and he handles the bare hand spanking reasonably well, breathing hard and sweating a little, but the paddle leaves him twisting and yelling, but Richard is relentless. Check out Axel’s ass flexing tight while the paddle turns his ass bright red and bruised. When Richard bends Axel back over his knee and uses the bath brush, Axel comes apart. He struggles, kicks, trembles and yelps as the pain and shame is written all over his face. Another great video for those who love classic gay spanking scenes — no messing around, real men in real pain!


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More broke straight guys lining up for a spanking

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Joey moved to America last year with stars in his eyes, but after numerous setbacks and false starts, he’s gotten practically no where and is desperate to earn cash to keep a roof over his head and food in his belly. The hope of a good paying job has faded and to earn some quick cash, he’s accepted Rich’s offer to make a Male/male spanking video. Swallowing his pride, he enters Rich’s house and quietly obeys the order to lie across the older man’s lap. Rich starts out with an easy test, a bare hand over blue jeans and Joey starts to relax and think maybe he’s got one over on the old man and this will be easy money after all. But the illusion is quickly shattered when Rich yanks down Joey’s jeans and starts smacking over his underwear. That’s when Joey starts to squirm and complain. Rich gets 100% serious, holding Joey down so he can’t run away, and then he starts lashing his bare buttocks with a thin paddle and then a wooden hairbrush. Joey screams and pitches a fit trying to get away, but he’s firmly in Rich’s clutches and he’s going to get his money’s worth. Click here to watch Joey’s full Male/male spanking episode plus bonus videos!

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Hardcore straight dude turns into a screaming sissy during OTK spanking

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Russian Lad punished with a leather belt

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Here’s another all time classic CP video from British Boys Fetish Club, featuring a young Russian lad stripped naked and bent over a sofa and getting a hellacious belt spanking. The lashes are unending and merciless. The lad’s tight, muscular butt becomes red and throbbing and he’s balling his fists and clenching his teeth to keep from crying out. He won’t give his punisher the satisfaction of seeing him cry. Finally his ordeal is over and he limps away, battered and bruised but not broken. Click here to see the full length naked jock spanking video.

Russian Lad punished with a leather belt

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Incredibly intense twink schoolboy caning

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I wanted to share this clip with you that I think might be the most intense and severe corporal punishment video that I have ever posted on this blog before. It’s from the website, normally known more for bondage and BDSM rather than straight ahead spanking and corporal punishment, but in this episode they focus on the caning punishment of Josh, a twink schoolboy at the hands of brutal bullies Bryan and Guy. Unlike other corporal punishment videos that involve schoolboy discipline for unruly behaviour, this shocking clip is devoid of the discipline element, focusing only on the punishment and humiliation of twink schoolboy Josh. Bryan and Guy whip him on the buttocks so hard that they break two canes and then they proceed to spank him bare handed, again spanking Josh so hard it looks like they are swinging their hands in a barroom brawl. I wanted to get your feedback on a video like this…Is it to extreme for your tastes? How do you feel about this level of aggression and brutality? Click here if you want to watch the full length twink caning video.

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incredibly intense twink schoolboy caning

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