Connor gets his ass spanked with wooden paddle

Connor Terrance, the most precociously named twink in porn has run afoul of disciplinarian Jeff Stern and as usual, must face terribly painful consequences. I am not sure what scenario has been dreamed up for Jeff to get hot under the collar in this scene…perhaps Connor has not done his homework, or Connor has been texting too much, or Connor was truant from school…pick a cliche and enjoy the spanking. In the short clip I posted below, Jeff is warming Connor up with a wooden paddle, counting off the spanks…it certainly gets more intense when Jeff switches to bare hand corporal punishment. I think that’s Jeff’s strongest style, bare hand OTK discipline. As long as he leaves his cock in his pants. Never was there a bigger boner killer than the sight of Jeff Stern’s naked body. Don’t punish me! (at least not in that way!) Click here to see Connor getting his delicious ass paddled and bare-hand spanked in this hardcore corporal punishment video.

bitchy twink lad Connor gets his cute ass spanked with a paddle

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Two Straight Boys Spanking: Hard Punishment for Karl!

Straight Lads Spanked has released one more video in the Locker Room Thief series, this time featuring straight lads Kevin and Karl. If you remember, Karl was caught red-handed stealing from his team-mates’ lockers and was duly swatted by Team Captain Sebastian, Coach Andy and his Dad. Now, it seems like one of Karl’s victims wants to have a go at him. Kevin’s iPhone was stolen and Karl promised to pay Kevin back, but it’s been weeks and the repayments have slowed to a trickle. Frustrated, Kevin confronts Karl at home and decides that more punishment is the only way to deal with this recidivist delinquent. Kevin doesn’t spare Karl the lecture either. Karl has only one choice: face Kevin’s wrath or be turned over to the police. “It’s how we handle things as a team,” Kevin insists. Kevin doesn’t spare Karl any of his fury. These bare hand swats are beyond firm, they are full strength slaps to Karl’s bare buttocks that leave them an alarming shade of pink. Has Karl finally learned his lesson? Is four spankings overkill for some petty thievery? Who know who might want another shot at Karl, maybe Santa Claus? Click here to watch Karl get an acute, caustic bare hand spanking from frustrated Kevin at


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Straight Boy Shocked by Painful First Spanking

This young lad is Evan, a 22 year old from the Eastern US, and is a regular employee of Tom, the producer at Spanking Straight Boys. Evan only recently found out that his boss makes kinky gay spanking videos in his off-time, and jumped at the chance to film one when he found out how much Tom paid. Evan figured what’s a little temporary pain compared to a few hundred bucks in cash? That’s what they all say. Tom gets Evan into the studio right after his shift, before he’s had a chance to change out of his work clothes or get dissuaded by his girlfriend. At first, Evan is like, “No Sweat Bro, this is easy”, as Tom spanks him over-the-knee over his pants and then over just his underwear. But Evan starts wincing a little when Tom starts spanking him with a ping-pong paddle, and then when Tom starts whipping him with a PVC flogger, Evan is in serious pain! His eyes are bulging and he is panting hard, trying to endure the sharp, stinging lashes. Finally, Tom puts Evan in a humiliating wheelbarrow position and beats his red buttocks with both hands like bongos. Evan is shocked at how painful the ordeal was, and now not so sure whether the pain was worth the money. But if past performance is any indicator, like most straight boys, Evan will be back for more! Click here to see Evan’s first gay spanking and watch him struggle to endure the pain of the flogger at Spanking Straight Boys!


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Beautiful lad gets an old fashioned OTK spanking

Sencer Keve is a new lad recently discovered by Helix Studios and his wild antics have earned him a trip to resident disciplinarian Jeff Stern. Jeff loves working with these trouble cases and is eager to set the twink lad back on the right path. But Jeff is an advocate of old-school tough love, and when Sencer arrives at Jeff’s office and gives him the slightest bit of backtalk and attitude, Jeff flips the beautiful twink lad over his knee and starts spanking him with his bare hand, first delivering intense slaps to his butt over his jeans, and then quickly enough he’s administering his bare hand spanks to Sencer’s naked buttock. Sencer’s ass is soon radiating heat and showing off an alarming crimson coloration, and he whimpers his best apology and promises to try and be better. Jeff looks him in the eyes and knows he’ll have to discipline this twink again soon. Click here to watch Sencer’s complete hot corporal punishment video in HD!

unreal twink gets his bare ass spanked red

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Troublemaking Cousin Spanked For Bad Behaviour


The Bad-Lads team are really into cousins Billy and Akos. Billy is older and more serious, and tired of his irresponsible, idiotic cousin Akos causing so much drama for the family. Now that he’s 19, he should know better. This is the second time Billy has given Akos a firm handed spanking on Bad-Lads — we wonder if his attitude is imroving or degenerating?!? Maybe Akos loves the pain so much he keeps misbehaving to get that special corrective attention from handsome cousin Billy. I think that’s the reason Akos keeps needing to be spanked, the first spanking ended with Billy fucking Akos’ red and swollen ass super hard, and at the end of this scene, Billy makes his teenage cousin suck his cock after the spanking for good measure! Click here to watch this special cousin spanking and sucking video at!


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